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Welcome to my parlor.  My name is Grendl, and I have been interpreting the Tarot Cards for over 20 years for men and women internationally, thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web. Often today, many people are seeking alternative answers to their life questions and more intuitive ways to overcome past obstacles that may be keeping them from fulfilling their truest desires, as well as to understand their external and subconscious influences that affect their current choices , and, of course, they want see the potentials of their current relationships.

Many come to me with very simple questions, and I am able to get them the simple answers they are seeking.  However, most times the solutions are more complicated, and I feel I have to stretch the Inquirer, so that they can see how their expectations may lead them astray. Obviously, the answers in the cards are not always what is expected by the one who is inquiring, and it can be a challenge to help that person see that, though the answer is not what was expected, it is the right answer.   The spiritual and intuitive path I follow also influences my readings, intuitively drawing out the spiritual tasks that an Inquirer may not be aware of but are tasks necessary for them to complete before they can attain their desires.

Life is a journey, and time changes the roads on which we all travel.  I believe that Tarot card readings can help us map out our path to attain our goals, to navigate the crossroads and obstacles that we all come upon, and give us clear signs that will point us in the direction of our true destiny.

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